Magnolia Points of Interest

Magnolia has a lot of farms and ranches around. Lots of people have horses where they live. I love to ride my grandpa's horses. You have to take good care of your horses after you ride them.

There are a lot of pastures around magnolia where you can see cows. These are longhorn cows that are close to Magnolia High School.

This is where we have the Magnolia Farmers Market one time a month. You can go there and buy fruits and veggies that farmers from Magnolia grow where they live. You can buy honey there too that is made on the farms. The stuff you get there is better than the stuff you can get at the store.
This is the little Magnolia park. It doesn't look like this anymore. It still has some play stuff, but now it is the start of the Magnolia Stroll walk that goes almost all the way through town. You need to get a new picture Mrs. Gustin so we can show how it looks different now. Our city keeps changing all the time.