Magnolia Medical Services

This is Dr. Terrasson's office. There is a lot of nurses there too that can help you get well when you are sick. It is next to Popeye's Chicken and Dominos Pizza. There are lot of cars at this place. It has a place to get your medicine when
you get sick. There are people who will get your medicine. They will help you. There are people walking out of the stores. You can go into the last store get your medicine. You can go next to the store and get your medicine without getting out of your car in the drive through window. Me and my dad drive past it every day.
The New Magnolia Landmark Building
This is new building right across the street from Williams Elementary School. Dr. Terrassons office is going to move there very soon. The Magnolia Pharmacy that is next door to the Doctors office is going to move there too. It is the biggest building in Magnolia now.
The Magnolia Animal Hospital
This is where we take our pets when they get sick. Dr. Tayler is the vet. He is very nice. He makes our pets get well.
Here is one way our community has changed. This used to be Dr. Terrasson's office but now it is a doctors office for just kids. And now it is Texas Pharmacy instead of Magnolia Pharmacy. They moved to the big building accross from our school.

My brother was so sick we went there to the doctor and he got a shot. Then we went next door to get his medicine. My brother was sick because his throat was hurting. He is better now.

I had to go there because I was really sick and I had to get white medicines. I didn't like it because it was nasty. They said I had to take the whole thing.

I like the doctor because they give me medicine, then they give me a shot. Then I get a lollipop and a sticker.

I like the doctor because they make me feel better, even though the medicine is gross.