Magnolia Fast Food


Sonic has slushies, ice-cream, and french fries. The kids meals have little toys for kids. I like to drink Sprite. (NSE 2nd grade) Did you know that a owl is on the Sonic sign? (NSE) Sonic has very good chery slushies.(NSE) Sonic has strawberry cream slushies and ice-cream sundaes and the best burgers and hot-dogs and the best breakfast. (NSE)
Sonic has lot of ice cream.
Jack in the Box
Jack in the box has curly fries. They are good. They have some chicken sandwiches. They have lots of different kinds of hamburgers and the best chocolate shakes.
McDonald's has good food like Big Macs. I like McDonald's. I get to play
on the playground. The sign helps people get there when they are hungry. We get the french fries. My sister likes them. McDonalds is good. It has good drinks too. I like to get two double cheese burgers. (NSE second grade) McDonald's you have the best toys. (NSE)