Ten Reasons to Use Genius Hour in the Classroom

Genius Hour Session Teacher Reflections

My Genius Hour Templates & Forms - My goal: Genius Hour is as paperless as possible.

The Genius Hour Cycle - 6 Ps +1 More of Genius Hour (adapted from Genius Hour: Passion Projects That Ignite Innovation and Student Inquiry by Andi McNair)

Genius Hour Planning Form - Students put place markers in the blanks they didn't have time to fill out, submitted the form, clicked on the link to edit the form, then bookmarked that link so they could go back into the same form to add to it during each session. They used the information in this form to complete their Pitch presentation.

Genius Hour Pitch Template - Students prepare and deliver a "Shark Tank" style pitch for their project and receive feedback from their peers before they begin the research phase of their project.

Temporary Student Examples

Genius Hour Pitch Feedback Form - After a brief discussion following the pitch, students complete the form for that student. I then copy the information, paste it into a Google Doc and share it with them. I include the email f they have questions about the feedback.

Genius Hour Research Template - Students are using this template to compose their questions for research, then practice paraphrasing and citing source material.

Genius Hour Reflection Padlet - A crucial part of the Genius Hour process is the reflection piece. Since collaboration = powerful learning experiences, both of my schools are collaborating anonymously on padlet to share their thoughts about the Genius Hour experience and how their projects are progressing.

Coming Soon - Project and Presentation resources...

Genius Hour Resources

The Global Genius Hour Project -

Genius Hour/20% Time - Joy Kirr's AWESOME Live Binder which is an incredible curated Genius Hour resource extravaganza.

Engage Their Minds - Genius Hour Resources

Genius Hour - great place to go if you are just getting started with Genius Hour

A. J. Juliani - A. J. is one of my all time favorite bloggers and educators. He posts so much about Genius Hour it is best to just use the google search in the A. J. Juliani link to locate those specific posts, but I highly recommend A. J.'s blog All of his posts are worth the time invested in reading them.

Genius Hour and Flipgrid - Information about the 6 Ps and how to manage Genius Hour Reflections with Flipgrid

Genius Hour on Twitter - #geniushour

Genius Hour Chat on Twitter - Thursday evenings at 7p.m. - Follow @geniushour

Genius Hour Folks to Follow on Twitter

@gallit_z - co-author of The Genius Hour Guidebook and moderator of the #geniushour chat

@mrsdkrebs - moderator of the #geniushour chat

@JoyKirr - curator of the awesome Live Binder mentioned above

@ajjuliani - my go to guru for all things involving design thinking and Genius Hour

@spencerideas - also my go to guru for all things maker, design thinking and Genius Hour (He writes some of my favorite books with A. J. and he makes cool stuff)

@terrieichholz - shares awesome stuff about #geniushour and other things she does in her classroom on her Engage Their Minds blog.

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