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This page was created as a resource for Mrs. Gustin's Educational Technology presentation to the SHSU Literacy Block Methods students at Willie E. Williams Elementary School. This page is a living document and will be continuously updated as Mrs. Gustin continues to grow and discover new relevant information to share.

Google Yourself!

Google yourself about once a month to see what others see when they look you up, especially when you are in the process of interviewing for a teaching position. Most principals and interview committees will Google prospective staff members before even scheduling an interview. It pays to be aware and be prepared for any questions regarding your online presence. After you start teaching, keep up the habit - I promise you that the parents of the students you teach will be looking at your digital footprint. Your digital footprint can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

Genius Hour In the Classroom

Ten Reasons to Use Genius Hour in the Classroom
Genius Hour Website
Genius Hour Wiki

Using QR Codes in the Classroom

TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) 2015 Convention Resources

Hour of CodeHour of Code

Technology Applications TEKS

Technology TEKS for all grade levels. Know them and integrate them where they fit naturally into all content area instruction.

21st Century Skills

Defining 21st Century Skills
ASCD 21st Century Skills Resource Site
ASCD - Rigor Redefined

Problem Solving and Collaboration are the Keys to Learning in the 21st Century

Blooms Taxonomy for iPads

Blooms Digital Taxonomy Apps for Android for iPad.

Google's Internet Safety Center

Internet Safety Tools

Copyright and Social Media

Leveraging the Power of Social Media as a Professional Development Tool

What is a PLN?

How Do I Get a PLN? Great post that describes in great detail the nature of a PLN (Personalized Learning Network) and how it can "change your life" as an educator. Every time I collaborate with my online PLN, in just half an hour I can access new learning that is equivalent to 2 years of learning in traditional professional development. My PLN collaboration has revolutionized my classroom instruction and continues to have a daily impact on the learning of my students. If you are going to choose one thing to try, I would encourage you to create a Twitter acct. dedicated solely to professional development, and follow my suggested steps to creating your Twitter PLN under the Twitter heading below.

The Educator's PLN Site
Classroom 2.0 Site
Project Share


Twitter is the most powerful tool for professional development I've ever experienced. It is important to remember to always keep your personal and professional lives separate when interacting on social media. Follow people in the areas you wish to grow professionally. Follow educators you respect and take a look at the timelines of the folks they follow. In no time you can construct a powerful network of 24/7/365 learning opportunities. My best advice: Tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you! (this advice works for all social media sites)

Hashtags -

Hashtags allow you to easily search for exactly what you are looking for on social media. Here is a living list of Educational Hashtags to help you find what you want to learn about.

Twitter Chats - Chat with the educators who are focused on your same areas of interest or specialization. Here is a calendar list of an ever growing of Educator Chats on Twitter.

Who to Follow?

Here are some of my favorite folks to learn from in my PLN and some resources I continuously refer to that they have shared:

Gail Lovely - @glovely on Twitter
Gail is truly lovely! I learn from her as often as I can. We share a passion for using Web 2.0 with primary students. Here are some of my favorite resources she has shared.
Lovely Images
Web 2.0 Smorgasbord
Math 2.0 Resources

Amy Mayer - @friEdTechnology on Twitter
Amy is Awesome! She is always creating How to videos to make our transition to new Google tools easier. I first met her when she was working at the Region VI service center and now I've heard she has her own consulting group. If she posts it, it will be practical and useful today!
Amy's YouTube Channel

Tammy Worcester - @tammyworcester on Twitter, @tammyw on Plurk
Tammy is Tremendous! I rarely miss one of her sessions when I attend technology conferences and conventions. She is a wealth of how-to integrate effective tools knowledge. If there is something about edtech integration you want to learn how to do, you can probably find it on her website.
Tammy Worcester's Website

Alice Keeler - @alicekeeler on Twitter
Alice is my favorite guru of all things Google. She is very focused on Google Classroom as well. Some of my favorite Google tips and tricks I've learned from what Alice has shared on Twitter.

Matt Miller - @jmattmiller on Twitter
Matt is one of my favorite educators on planet Earth. He is a true kindred spirit of mine. If you haven't read his books Ditch That Textbook and Ditch That Homework (which he wrote with Alice Keeler - I mean really! What's not to love?), you should.

Top 50 Early Childhood Educators on Twitter

After I recovered from the shock of making the list, I discovered many fabulous early childhood educators with whom I now collaborate online. These are definitely some folks worth following if you are an elementary educator! The resources they share on twitter are not exclusive to early childhood education.


A More Comprehensive View of Google+

YouTube - Where you can learn about ANYTHING!

Students will create their own learning and sharing opportunities and networks to share what they have learned about things they are passionate about.
Student Simulations - Simple Physics App Review

Using Wikis in the Classroom

Wikis are a great tool for collaborative projects, posting information for future reference and sharing with others. Here are some links that provide examples and more information about how to use wikis in your classroom.

Mrs. Gustin's Magnolia, Texas wiki - Part of our Share Your Community Project
Mrs. Gustin's Apprentices Silly Bandz Bonanza Science Fair Project
Mrs. Gustin's Weather Watching Project
10 Wiki Strategies for Educators
Flat Classrooms Project - Started as a wiki project and has expanded to a world-wide collaborative phenomenon. Definitely worth exploring if you are interested in involving your students in global collaboration.
Wikis in Education - More resources and student created wiki project examples for perusal or participation.
50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom

Using Blogs in the Classroom

Best Class Blogs from Edublogs
How to create a Classroom Blog on Blogger - Be aware of your district's policy on outside (the district's control) webpages.

Other Multiple Function Tools

Smore Flyer Pages

Blog Post on Using Smore
Flags For Our Heroes Smore Flyer
Free Tools for Publishing Student Work

Using Video and Video Conferencing in the Classroom

Animoto Video Creator
Student Example of Animoto Science Safety Rules Video
Student Example of Animoto Science Video
Student Example of Math Automatic Recognition of Set Configuration Video
Go Animate!

How to Use Google Hangouts on Google+

Mystery Skype Mystery Skype is just plain awesome! You should try it in your classroom. It will lead to some of the most powerful learning experiences you will ever provide as a teacher.

Other Video Conferencing Tools for Educators

PodCasting Tools

Information about Podcasting
iPad Learning Tools and Implementation

Other Collaborative Tools

Today's Meet - No accounts or passwords needed. Just create your room and set how long you want the room to be saved. Can also be archived and saved in another location (blog/wiki) as a post
50 Free Collaborative Tools
MindMaps Collaborative Tools

Free Gradebook Templates for Teachers

Gradebook Templates for using Excel - From MIT - Downloadable templates for Gradebooks by points or percentage to use with Excel 2007 or Excel 2010. Complete with instructions and support offered from contributor Jonathan Abbott, a Mechanical Engineering undergrad at MIT. Go Tech - Class of 2014! Jonathan's website - http://web.mit.edu/jabbott/www/educator.html

Google Templates for using Google Drive Spreadsheets for a Gradebook

A Starter Users Guide to New Google Drive

Why BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?

The Right Tool at the Right Time Makes All the Difference!

Sir Ken Robinson - How to escape education's death valley TED Talk. Definitely worth watching. It truly shifted my thinking...

Mr. Winkle Wakes - Mr. Winkle is very uncomfortable when he wakes from a 100 year sleep, until he finds a place that hasn't changed at all...

Three Rules to Spark Learning

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